Khanapara Teer Results Today

Khanapara Teer Results Today-11-10-2019

Khanapara Teer is one of the most exciting happening events in Meghalaya. If you are looking for Meghalaya Teer Results for Khanapara region, we have all the updated Teer Numbers. Below you can find Today’s Khanapara Teer Result.

Common number for Khanapara Teer Dated on 11-10-2019

The Common Number or Dream Number of Khanapara Teer for today dated on 11-10-2019 are announced here. Common Number is the numbers that will be predicted before choosing any Teer number.

Common Number or Dream Number of Khanapara Teer

Direct Numbers

Teer number for Khanapara Teer Dated on 11-10-2019

We are happy to announce the Khanapara Teer Results today dated on 11-10-2019. Please check out your lucky Khanapara Teer Number and don’t forget to verify your Teer Number with the official website.
First Round
Second Round
For more updates on Khanapara Teer Results  please visit our website daily we will be announcing First Round results at 3:45 PM  and the second-round result of the Khanapara Teer Results will be announced at 4:15 PM daily.
Teer is a game that is being played in India’s North-East part mostly in Meghalaya. It is a kind of Lottery Game.
In this Teer game, thousands of counters will be there and there will be a bet of crores of rupee will be involved. Teer game is legalized in Meghalaya.

How Teer Game is being played

Initially, you have to choose a number from 0-99. Professional Archers will be called for hitting the target. If your number comes as Teer number at the end of the Teer game you will get 80 rupees for 1 rupee. Teer game will be played at three places of Meghalaya i.e. Khanapara, Shillong and Juwai. For all the three places three different Teer numbers will be there.
If archers have hit 1145 Teer at the target last two digits of the total number of Teer will be considered as Lucky Teer Number i.e here 45 will be considered as Teer Number.

There will be mainly two rounds played in this game

  1. First Round
  2. Second Round

For all the three regions three different Teer Results will be announced.
It is believed in Meghalaya that there is a relationship of Dream and Teer Result which they call it as Dream Number or Common Number or Prediction Number.

How to predict Teer Target number or Teer Hit Number

As a game player of Teer, you may come across Teer Hit Number or Teer Target Number. So what’s this number actually? What are all the formulae to predict this Number?
In case if you don’t know then you are at the right platform to check out what is this Teer Target Number.
Here is what you can get the information about Number. Initially, we will be calculating this number by using various Teer formulae. So, in Meghalaya, it is believed that these calculated numbers may turn as Teer Number on a particular day.
On the other hand, Teer Game players or Archers will be guessing some random number by looking at the patterns of previous results before the announcement of Teer Results officially. So it is believed these guessed number might match with the Teer Number of a particular day.

How do you get to know Teer Common Number?

Initially based on Dream, previously repeated Teer Hit/Common Numbers or as we discussed earlier by using Teer Formulae.
Are you still wondering how to get to know this Number or what might be the best formula to know this Number?
If so then here we welcome you with certain logics and possible ways to get know number.

Most often used Teer formulae

Dream analysis
History Analysis
Date Breakdown
Playing club history
Couldn’t understand? Let us brief.

Dream Analysis

Yes!!!! You heard it right. People of Meghalaya who play Teer game believe that “dreams come true” that is they believe that Dreams make them Rich.
Those numbers which are being told by dreamers who will be having numbers for all the things, animal or maybe places they see in dreams. They assume that these numbers may come as Teer number. This method is applicable if you are playing Teer game the very next day of that dream.
To make it simple here we are providing certain common numbers. You can go through the link below to check some of the dream numbers.

History Analysis

As the quote goes “History Repeats” as it was with World Cup 2011 of course, it does sometimes with Teer Numbers also. Teer game players analyze the history to check if certain numbers patterns are repeated frequently or to check if they can get some hints to analyze the Teer number.
To simplify it again you can go through below table for previous History Analysis
Common number
Teer Number on Particular day
75, 7
From the above table, it can be concluded that on 1st August 2019 number 7 is the common for both first and second round and even on the 3rd of August, 2019 it can be observed that 7 is common in both 1st and 2nd round.
So now we hope that you might have noticed that similar patterns are repeating on one or the other day. You can check some more repeated patterns of Teer Results here
So, Folks, this formula is most likely to be used to predict the Common Teer Number according to our perception.

Date Break Down

Dark break down is one of the complex methods of all the aforementioned methods. Here it mainly uses the numbers from dates and to predict the Teer Common number and Teer Number of a particular date.
Analyzing Numbers
Primarily Predicted Numbers

Playing Club History

This is the most widely used method to get to know the Teer Common Number.
In Meghalaya, as we know there are mainly 12 clubs that play Teer Game and each club play the game on a different day. Based on the result of previously played Game and patterns at one location, Teer Hit number of the other location can be predicted.
Note: The club name will be announced before playing the Teer game
Above mentioned method is one of the useful methods in predicting Teer Common number.
Here this was just a brief about the important term of the Teer game i.e Teer Hit number and best formulae to be used to predict it.


So here we are concluding that aforementioned methods are   all different routes through which one can predict Teer Hit Number but this game is all about luck. It is not at all possible to anyone to guess what might be the exact Teer number for a particular day before the official announcement.
In this game you need purely hard luck. That’s what the Teer Game is all about.
Congratulations for the Winners. I hope you have verified the Teer Numbers and Common numbers with the official website of Meghalaya Teer Results. Stay tuned to our website for tomorrow’s Teer Results. We will be announcing Khanapara Teer Results, First Round at 3:45 PM and second-round result 4:45 PM respectively.