Shillong Teer Results Today-07-08-2019

Shillong Teer Results Today-07-08-2019

Shillong Teer is one of the most exciting happening events in Meghalaya. If you are looking for Meghalaya Teer Results for Shillong region, we have all the updated Teer Numbers. Below you can find the Today’s Shillong Teer Results.

Common number for Shillong Teer Dated on 07-08-2019

The Common Number or Dream Number of Shillong Teer for today dated on 07-08-2019. Common Number is the numbers that will be predicted before choosing any Teer number.
Common Number or Dream Number of Shillong Teer
Direct Numbers

Teer number for Shillong Teer Dated on 07-08-2019

We are happy to announce the Shillong Teer Results today dated on 07-08-2019. Please check out your lucky Shillong Teer Number and verify your Teer Number with official website.
First Round
Second Round

For more updates on Shillong Teer Results  please visit our website daily we will be announcing First Round results at 3:45 PM  and second round result of the Shillong Teer Results will be announcing at 4:45 PM daily.
Teear is a game that is being played in India’s North East part mostly in Meghalaya. It is a kind of Lottery Game.
In this Teer game thousands of counters where there will be bet of crores of rupee will be involved. Teer game is legalized in Meghalaya.

How Teer Game is being played

Initially you have to choose a number from 0-99.Professional Archers will be called for hitting the target. If your number comes as Teer number at the end of the Teer game you will get 80 rupees for 1 rupee. Teer game will be played at three places of Meghalaya i.e. Shillong, Khanapara and Juwai. For all the three places three different teer numbers will be there.
If archers have hit 1145 teer at the target last two digit of the total number of teer will be considered as Lucky Teer Number i.e here 45 will be considered as Teer Number
There will be mainly two rounds played in this game.
  1. First Round
  2. Second Round

For all the three regions three different Teer Results will be announced.
It is believed in Meghalaya that there is relationship of Dream and Teer Result which they call it as Dream Number or Common Number or Prediction Number.
Congratulations for the Winners. I hope you have verified the Teer Numbers and Common numbers with the official website of Meghalaya Teer Results. Stay tuned to our website for tomorrow’s Teer Results. We will be announcing Shillong Teer Results, First Round at 3:45 PM and second round result 4:45 PM respectively.